Bad Dreams

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The Question

I have never had a prophetic dream to my knowledge. Most of the dreams I have are about horrible things happening to my family and dysfunction between me and my mother. That’s been a real life on-going thing since I can remember; we aren’t as close like other mothers and daughters.

I feed my spirit and mind with godly things most of the time. I am just wondering how I can start having godly dreams or learn how to hear God’s voice through my dreams.

LG, City unknown

The Answer
Part 1: Overcoming Bad Dreams

Overcoming Bad Dreams (Part 1)

Remember that the fact that we DO dream is a gift and provision from God. Think of dreams like a pressure cooker valve: there has to be some way of releasing all the “gunk” in our lives or we would blow. Dreams do that I’m sure that is part of what happens for you.

The dysfunction in your family is worked through as you dream. Should healing and healthiness come to you and your mother, I believe that your dreams would begin to change.

There are many ways inner healing can be accomplished. Lay down the relationship with your mother on God’s altar and ask him how he would like you to proceed toward that end. God is always in the business of restoration and recovery and living life to the fullest. That is hard to do when broken relationships hinder and your dreams reflect that.

Perhaps you could be helped through Christian counseling, prayer and fasting on your own or receiving prayer from a godly person with spiritual authority over you or an act of forgiveness. You may be surprised at what means God uses. I can guarantee that the Lord desires to guide you into a path of healing.

I would suggest you pray every single night before you go to sleep for God’s protection and care over your dreams. Plead the blood of Jesus over your nighttime hours. Ask the Lord to give you some dreams which reveal him to you more fully. Even for those who have prophetic dreams, probably 95% of dreams are just the regular type. It might be to your advantage to start a dream journal to begin to see if your dreams change over time or after you have had several weeks of intense prayer.

Increasing your ability to hear God’s voice in the daytime hours will also improve your ability to hear him at night. You CAN hear the voice of God and he wants to speak with each one of us intimately. Please read “Hear God’s Voice” for additional information about exactly how to tell his voice from any other.