Husband Blessing

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The Question

I would like to bless my husband and don’t have the right words to say. First I would like to write out my blessing and then repeat it out loud to him. Have any ideas?

KR from Musselshell

The Answer
Part 1: Speak Life

Speak Life (Part 1)

What a wonderful idea! Think how such a great gift will be received. Your husband will feel valued and loved and will no doubt ponder ways to live up to the blessing you give him. This is also a very biblical thing to do. Blessings in the Bible carried the weight of prophecy; recipients took them very seriously.

Remember how Esau lamented the fact that his blessing was tricked away from him by his brother Jacob and how he said to his father Isaac: “Bless me, even me also, O my father!” and then “Have you not reserved a blessing for me?” (Genesis 27:34 & 36) Even though Jacob had been deceitful, he still received all that his father had spoken over him. Words spoken with authority are very powerful – then and now.

I believe a powerful blessing for your husband would be to speak over him the character of the great men of the Bible that you admire most. Examples might be: “May you be blessed with the faith of Abraham.” Or, “I bless you with the heart of David which was after God’s own heart. May praise always fill your lips and may you seek the Lord’s presence all the days of your life.”

Additionally, bless your husband’s gifts, both his spiritual and God given natural gifts. If he has the gift of helps, for instance, you might say: “Lord, I thank you that my husband is so gifted in helping other people and I bless the way you use him in this area. Please bring those into his life that you want to bless through him.” Continue this way through all his gifts.

Be sure to bless him with long life. “With long life God will satisfy you and let you behold his salvation.” (Adapted from Psalm 91:16) What about his prayer life? “I bless you with effective prayer since you are a righteous man; your prayers will accomplish much.” (Adapted from James 5:16) Bless his divine destiny: “God will accomplish what concern you.” (Adapted from Psalm 138:8)

There! That ought to get you started with some ideas. Pray as you begin to make your decisions about exactly what to say. You want to capture the essence of God’s heart for your husband so he will feel your words exactly fit. In time you will look back and see the fruit of your wonderful blessing.