Crystals & Healing Prayer

Straight Talk

The Question

Crystals have been scientifically proven to retain and omit energy, also worded as thought patterns. Computers run on this natural occurrence, such as the microchip, which works by the use of quartz. Whatever is put into the crystal (typed data, thought, prayer) is stored and reverberated (or retrieved, i.e. saved documents). This leads into the use of crystals for healing, mental clarity, cleansing etc. Some might deem crystals “New Age” but they are of the earth, and the earth and everything in the earth was created by God. With this respect, I don’t see crystals as harmful or going against God. We use aspirin derived from the bark of a Willow tree to cure our headaches so why not use a crystallized mineral to cure them too?

– C from Florida

The Answer
Part 1: Who do you trust?
Part 2: Redeeming God’s creation

Who do you trust? (Part 1)

I do not have a scientific background so I feel inadequate to respond to some of the information you gave me about crystals. I am only vaguely aware of their use in computers etc. so I wouldn’t debate you on that point.

Regarding the use of crystals in prayer I will comment to this extent: while prayer has many mysterious components I believe that it is heard and answered by God alone. I don’t think that crystals per se have to be New Age (because God created all minerals and rocks and everything he created is good), but I see a danger in attaching metaphysical meanings to them.

What’s the danger? Superstition. We can start off using something for a legitimate purpose such as people use aspirin for headaches, and end up trusting in that thing instead of God as our Source. Often in New Age, someone buys a crystal not just to enjoy but to—heal them, enlighten them, protect them, etc. Then they inadvertently begin to trust the created object rather than the Creator. We are to worship and put our trust in God alone.

If it is discovered that crystals or any other gem or mineral of the earth has legitimate medicinal value I don’t think such use should be shunned. That to me is far different than buying a crystal to sit in your house to provide “good vibes” or “positive energy.” THAT practice, I believe, should be shunned.

Redeeming God’s creation (Part 2)

I agree with you “everything in the earth was created by God.” Not only that but when God finished his work he said to man: “’Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it…’” (Genesis 1:28) The Lord gave stewardship over all the earth to mankind and that carries weight and responsibility. It is all there for our use to God’s glory.

It seems unfortunate to me that the New Age movement has grabbed portions of creation as their own and God’s people often feel some things are now untouchable. That would be the case of someone who loves rocks—like crystals, but feels they can’t enjoy them because of their superstitious metaphysical meanings within the New Age community. Instead, I say we should take everything back and redeem it all to God’s purposes. Let all of it give us more reason to praise God.

As we enjoy all the treasures God placed in his creation we have to be very careful. We may take pleasure in the treasure and we may use it for good purposes but that should always draw us back to awe and worship of the Creator. By keeping our eyes on him alone we will not be in danger of falling into idol worship or deceptive superstition.