Is “energy healing” safe to explore?

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The Question

I have recently become interested in energy healing. I have personally experienced the feeling of energy being transferred from one person to another through cranial-sacral work. I would love to know that I can safely learn this technique myself, drawing energy from God and using it to help my friends and family when they experience pain. However, it is presented in a very New Age Middle Eastern religion context. Is this safe for me to explore?

– AD from Texas

The Answer
Part 1: Real but dangerous
Part 2: Questions to ask

Real but dangerous (Part 1)

Since the scripture so emphatically forbids all those dark arts which pass today as New Age, it is very wise for you to question the safety of exploring energy healing. On the other hand, I can understand that you want to proceed if possible because you want healing for your friends and family when they need it.

You provided part of your answer yourself: “it is presented in a very New Age…context.” Why do you think that is? It is no doubt the case because the method is rooted in some New Age belief system. I’m not sure exactly what practice you have come into contact with, but transferring energy person to person sounds like some variation of accessing “prana.” Prana is life energy in the Hindu medicine system and it is also the name of the supreme god of Hindu Vedic religion. How safe does it sound to explore that?

The fact that you have experienced this energy transfer tells you how real it is. Yes, that creates quite an appeal — but a dangerous one. There is actual power in many New Age practices but whose power is being tapped into? When Paul found a girl in Philippi who practiced divination he cast the demon responsible for it out of her. (Acts 16:18) Just because it was real didn’t make it acceptable.

Questions to ask (Part 2)

What should you ask yourself before accepting or rejecting any alternative medicine practice or system on the market today?

  1. What are its roots? Read and learn as much as possible about the originator of the practice including whatever belief system it rests on. Who is promoting it? That will tell you a lot because New Age believers will promote New Age practices.
  2. Is it in harmony with Christian belief and tradition? Does it violate scripture in any way, even subtly? For instance, it is scriptural to lay hands on a person for healing but Christians do not believe that’s what produces healing. God is the healer – he uses various means such as anointing with oil etc.
  3. Is Jesus at the center of this method or practice? Is it likely that its use will draw me closer to God or will my love and attention be diverted elsewhere?

One final word of warning. You may feel that you can take a New Age practice and turn it into a practice compatible with Christian belief by switching a few things around or ending it by saying something like; “in Jesus name.” Not a good idea. That is compromise and it is never worth it. Anyhow, why would you need to?

Isaiah 53:5 tells us “And by His scourging we are healed” (present tense) which prophesied Christ’s suffering. That took place more than 2000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross and it is still valid today. If you want healing, pleading the blood of Jesus is the most effective method available, bar none!


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