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I have never blessed a house before but would like to bless my apartment. Any suggestions since I live with a roommate?

I just moved into a very old house near a cemetery. Ever since we moved in my family feels very tired and overwhelmed. Strange things have been happening that are unexplainable. How do I pray that there are no demonic forces in our house?

I know it is a good idea to bless your house but I don’t know what words to use. Should I ask my pastor to come and do this for my family?

This is a compilation of various questions regarding conducting a house blessing.

The Answer
Part 1: The best kind of house insurance? Start with a house blessing!
Part 2: Your house has a history
Part 3: Can demons dwell in houses?
Part 4: Actions speak louder than words (clear house of unholy items)
Part 5: Taking authority; what to do and say

The best kind of insurance is a house blessing. (Part 1)

What a good idea it is to pronounce blessings on your house from the very beginning. It is also wonderful to renew that blessing year after year for as long as you reside there. Blessing a house (or an apartment or wherever you live) is simply taking the authority over it that belongs to you and dedicating it to the Lord. It is inviting the Spirit of God to come and everything else to leave.

I’m reminded of the story in the Old Testament of the blessing that came to a man and his household because the Ark of the Covenant was left in his yard for several months after it had been in captivity by the Philistines. (See 2 Samuel 6 for the full story)

“Now it was told King David, saying, ‘The Lord has blessed the house of Obed-Edom and all that belongs to him, because of the ark of God.'” (Verse 12) Anywhere the Ark resided, blessings abounded. That is because the Ark contained the very presence of God. Where God’s presence is, there is blessing and hope. When we bless our homes we make room for God to take up residence in every room and over all possessions.

Your house blessing will be on the basis of your rightful authority over your own dwelling. When you moved in, someone put some keys to the house in your hand. YOU determine anyone additional who will have a key. Spiritually you also determine who has access. Joshua said; “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) If your heart is in agreement with that statement, a house blessing is a great confirmation.

Does your house’s past really matter? (Part 2)

The house I live in now had a rich heritage of blessing before I ever moved in. It had been lived in for 26 years by a very godly woman and you could really feel it the moment you walked through the door. It felt peaceful; warm, friendly – much of that due to the previous owner. I have tried to continue in that same heritage.

Before that I lived in a townhouse but its past was not so good. There had been a fire and the previous tenets had been evicted. Actually, I was told in quite a bit of detail of the ungodly lifestyle of the former tenets. One of the first things I did was a house blessing. From that day forward the house felt safe, peaceful and was a wonderful place to raise my daughters.

A house is not just wood, cement, bricks and plaster – houses generally have personalities. Just as you have legal access to your house now, someone had legal access before you. What happened in your house or on your property that brought either blessings or curses? Who died there? Was there violence, abuse, anger, criminal activity, occult activity?

No matter what happened, it is by YOUR authority what the atmosphere will be like from now on. If there was demonic activity which is still affecting your property, chances are that you will sense and feel it. Demonic forces may have gained access legally through sin or curses and it is up to you to drive them out.

Remember to be in submission to the authority that is over you, the Lord Jesus Christ. His is the ultimate authority. Jesus totally defeated Satan and his demonic hoard on the cross and it is by his blood that every sin and curse is covered.

How do demons hang on to their territory? (Part 3)

It must seem strange and improbable that demons can hang around a house or property but listen to what Proverbs 26:2 says; “Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an underserved curse does not come to rest.” This means that there is always a cause for any curse.

Permission was given originally by someone through sin, occult activity, or a spoken curse. Just like a squatter who stays until evicted, the demonic force is not about to leave unless forced to by someone with greater authority than their own. I believe that the vast majority of so called haunted houses or ghost apparitions are demonic activity.

It is not necessary for people to put up with strange goings on, cold spots, rooms that feel full of fear or terror, unusual noises and lights, etc. There is no curse that cannot be reversed by the blood of Jesus.

Remember that the best way to dispel darkness is to turn on a light. When the demon possessed Gadarene man encountered Jesus as he was stepping off the boat to visit that region, the demons could hardly stand it. They screamed and hollered and finally begged to be cast into a herd of swine. They recognized that the light was being turned on and they were not going to be able to stay.

By blessing your house, property and possessions you are consecrating them as holy unto the Lord and you are dispelling the darkness. Afterward, just be careful to keep the light on so no new curse can come to rest.

Clean you house and keep it clean (Part 4)

It is wonderful to speak the words of blessing over your house and to take authority over it in the name of Jesus. If, however, your house is filled with ungodly materials and articles, in the end it won’t do you much good. You are simply giving permission to the devil all over again. Actions speak louder than words.

Therefore, it is worth your time to take inventory and to rid yourself of spiritual garbage. As you pray in each room, ask the Holy Spirit if there is anything in that room that grieves him. Take a look at books, magazines, music, videos, DVDs etc. Take a look at your statuary and artwork. What internet sites are accessed through your home? What television programs are allowed in? What radio stations are listened to?

Is your house set in order? Are relationships healthy? Is sin being permitted in your home? What is the spiritual atmosphere that YOU are allowing now that you are the legal authority where you live?

Perhaps you do not have total control over your home because of others that live with you who are making ungodly choices and bringing pollution in. PRAY. Declare that this house belongs to God and everything else has to leave. Keep yourself holy and pure and bring light to your home until everything else leaves. Don’t give up. You can win this battle even if you have to be as tenacious as a bull dog.

What do you actually do and say? (Part 5)

Blessing a house is very simple. No long drawn out prayers or shouting is required. I suggest anointing your doors and windows with oil (any household oil is perfectly fine because it is simply representing the Holy Spirit). Walk the parameter of the property consecrating it and placing it under the lordship of Jesus Christ. You may also want to use oil out on the property and on cars, garages, equipment etc.

The person with spiritual authority over the house should lead if possible. In my church we have a prayer team that will come to a member’s house for a house blessing but we always want the owner to speak out the blessings and the team to agree and assist with prayer and discernment over each room.

Pray over each room asking God to use it for his glory. Thank the Lord for providing you with a place to live. Ask for angels to be posted at all the doors and windows, disallowing anything evil from entering in. Speak out loud that you are countering any curse in this house with the blood of Jesus and you are taking authority in the name of Jesus.

If you know of any ungodly activity from the past or you are having any particular trouble in your house, you may have to get specific. For instance, if a murder was committed in your home, you may need to speak words of repentance and forgiveness.

Suppose there is a particular spot in your house that feels disturbing. You might stand in that spot and say something like; “I speak peace here in the name of Jesus. I invite you to come, Holy Spirit, and fill this place. Fear (or whatever), leave.” A song or hymn might also be appropriate.

I think it is a good idea to renew your blessing on a regular basis, maybe once or twice a year. As you live in your house, fill it with praise and constant thanksgiving. You will love the atmosphere in your home and everyone who enters in will love it too.

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  1. Hollie Roberts

    I have referred this site to many of my friends. Very thorough and very helpful. I’ve blessed my home a couple times a year and I always use this as a guide. I felt the Lord even leading me to bless and anoint my cell phone and my computer. Thank you for your heart and for this guide.


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