Isn’t Sunday morning good enough?

Straight Talk

The Question:

Is it really a big deal to go to church on Sunday night and Wednesday night if I already went Sunday morning?

E. from Texas

The Answer
Part 1: Love or Duty

Love or Duty (Part 1)

I don’t think the number of services besides Sunday morning you attend each week is your real issue. To explain what I do think the issue is, let me tell a little story.

Suppose you just met the most beautiful, fabulous girl you could ever imagine. She is exciting to be around and the feelings of attraction and affection seem to be mutual. You invite her out on a date and she accepts and you have a wonderful time. Now you say to your best friend the next day: “I invited her out again for next Saturday night. You don’t think I HAVE to see her again before that, do you? Isn’t once a week good enough?”

Do you see where I am going with this? You wouldn’t be wondering how little you could get by with in the way of church if you felt about God the way you might feel about the girl of your dreams. To be honest with you, God is looking for a love relationship, not one suffered out of a sense of duty. He loves you with a passion. He wants to be with you every minute and wants you to feel the same way about him.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many times you attend church on a weekly basis. Even Sunday morning is worthless if you don’t have a real genuine heart of worship and desire to please your beloved.

My goal here is not to lay a guilt trip on you. If your church is creating that kind of pressure I’m sorry for that because it never works to be shamed into serving God – or attending extra services. Instead, I’d like you to be honest with yourself about why you want to get by with as little as possible. Then you can admit to God the way you really feel and on that basis you might be ready for change.

Do you know the story of Saint Augustine? Before he was converted to Christ he struggled with a promiscuous lifestyle and attraction to sin. He felt convicted by the way he was living but didn’t want to give it up. He once uttered a pray something like this: “Lord, change my heart – but not yet!” He knew he loved the world more than he loved God and was willing to lay the truth in God’s lap.

I’m not comparing you to Saint Augustine. I’m simply suggesting you have a heart to heart talk with God and tell him exactly where you are spiritually. Tell him you wish you wanted to go to church more often but honestly, you don’t. And then put it in his hands. If there is any heart change needed, it is right up God’s alley. The question is: are you willing?