Weary of Warfare

Straight Talk

The Question:

I have waged this war for almost 20 years with black magic, voodoo, African spells from my sister and my daughter’s father. I have prayed and confessed and I’m missing something. I’m still struggling. Why aren’t there more prophets willing to minister to the ones going through the valley experience?

LM from Kennesaw, Ga.

The Answer
Part 1: Solution for battle fatigue

Solution for battle fatigue (Part 1)

Whew! Twenty years is a long time and you sound tuckered out. I can understand that. You are probably the only one besides the Lord who knows all that you have been through except maybe the ones out there who have had a similar experience.

Additionally, it sounds like you are frustrated right now because you don’t feel there is anyone coming along beside you to help carry the load. You are in a place where the darkness appears to be greater than the light.

What shall I say to you then? I think my best advice is to challenge you rather than offer any pity over the difficult warfare you are in. You said two particularly important things in your question: “I’m missing something” and “I’m still struggling.”

What are you missing? Sometimes in spiritual warfare we become so centered in the battle that we lose perspective. We are so intent on whacking away at the devil that we forget to glance up and look to the Captain of the Hosts for our next move. Remember that “the Lord does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the Lord’s… (1 Samuel 17:47)

You have been confessing and you have been praying and that isn’t working. What if you back off all the tactics, strategies and methods and turn your eyes to the Lord alone? Give the battle over into his hands. What if you simply sit at the feet of Jesus the way Mary did even as Martha scurried about with busyness? (See Luke 10:38-42)

What I think you are missing is the presence of the Lord and his wonderful sweet fellowship. Concentrate on thanksgiving, praise and worship as you turn your eyes to him. If you do that your second problem will probably be solved naturally. You are struggling and God wants you to be at rest while he fights on your behalf.

Additionally, that may actually change the battle and its outcome. Don’t underestimate the power of praise and worship to get the enemy to turn tail. It is often said that you can curse the darkness or turn on the light. Jesus is the light. Flip that switch every day as you rise up and sing of his faithfulness, his lovingkindness and his wonders.

“Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name.”(Psalm 91:14)