Bible Study

If you want to hear God's voice you can never go wrong by listening to what he says in his Word, the Bible. Even though the Bible was written by many authors over a span of more than a thousand years, the Holy Spirit was right there hovering over every word being written. So while there are many styles and types of writing throughout the scriptures, all of it is God's truth.

Bible Study: The Bible is the Living Word of God

When you read the Bible use every help available to you such as Study Bibles, Bible Dictionaries, Concordances, cross references, introduction pages for each book, etc. All these things will increase your knowledge and help you over difficult passages where you may have questions.

I also have another suggestion. The Bible is a living Word, relevant for you right now in your time and circumstances. Sometimes you come needing comfort and other times instruction. What does God's Word say about what you need at this very moment? Before you begin reading, pray. Ask God to speak to your heart as you read his Word; ask that it will come alive inside of you.

You will see that he will delight in answering that prayer. Now begin.

  1. Just read along in a normal manner taking note of various helps that may be in your Bible.

  2. Stop and ask God questions if there is something you don't understand.

  3. Sometimes a verse will almost jump off the page at you. That's where God may be speaking something special to you about the needs in your life right now.

  4. Maybe you will want to underline that passage and date it in your Bible with a note about what you feel God is saying. In the years to come you will enjoy reviewing all that God has spoken to you.

  5. Talk it all over with him and tell him what you think and ask him what he thinks.

As you click to read the various articles, you will be reading the INSIGHTS TO SCRIPTURE that I have gained through the same process I'm suggesting to you. Some are stories and some are simple little observations. Enjoy. And don't forget to keep reading your Bible - God has something new to tell you every day!

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