Obstacles to House Blessings


If you are getting ready to bless your house I applaud you; you have made a wise decision. You want your home to be filled with peace. You want any negatives removed. For maximum effectiveness, however, there are a few additional considerations. If you have trouble in your home right now; is the house blessing alone really a “fix-all”? Not always.


There is a rule of thumb in the repair business that you always start trouble shooting with the simplest solution first. Early in my business career I took trouble calls from customers and my first question was: “Is the machine plugged in?” No need sending a technician until we got all the easy stuff out of the way.

This applies to house blessings too. Before we begin, what simple things do we need to ask first? What issues must be handled before we bless our house? What obstacles will render the house blessing ineffective?

The biggest obstacle is SIN. If sin is present in the house it needs to be handled before proceeding. You cannot override the consequences of un-repented sin no matter how much scripture you use, or how much oil you pour around.

Sexual Sin

Are there any unholy unions in your house? For instance, unmarried couples living together? If one of the partners is married to someone else it is adultery; if both are unmarried it is called fornication. If you are involved in such a relationship and have no willingness to stop, a house blessing is irrelevant. Or, if you currently allow unmarried couples to live together in your home please disallow it before you move forward.

Sexual sin is a hindrance to the overall well being of your home. Examine all the activity within your dwelling or you will waste your time blessing your house.


Is pornography found in your home in any form, through any means? Magazines, videos, Internet access, pictures/paintings, books, music or participation in pornographic activities? Totally shut it down and remove it. Repent of any sins in this area and seek help if pornography is an addiction.


Is there any occult activity or witchcraft going on? Again, this may enter through various means but it will stop your house blessing cold. Perhaps you want to bless your house because you are noticing demonic or ghostly phenomena and want to get rid of it. The house blessing works for this purpose unless there is open legal access that you or a family member or a previous owner allowed. Be sure all occult doors are closed and you are not involved in ANY way.

Ruling Sins

No household is totally without sin because we all fall short. But if there is an overriding or “ruling” sin operating, don’t expect a house blessing to get rid of it unless the sin is acknowledged and there is a willingness to stop.

What kinds of things might these be? Physical, emotional, sexual or verbal abuse by a spouse or parent. Addictions such as alcohol, gambling, drugs etc. Violence or anger out of control. Illegal activities. Holiness and sin can’t coexist so you must decide who rules: God or your own flesh.

If you have screened yourself in all the areas listed and have handled everything within your own power, you are ready to proceed. Now go ahead and bless your house. I pray God will greatly bless you as you do so.

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