Prayer Closet

Christian Prayer

Prayer is probably the single most important thing we are called to do as Christians. For all the lip service Christians give prayer you’d think there is a whole lot of it going on. “I’ll pray for you on that,” “I’d covet your prayers about such and such,” “I’ll be praying for you sister!” But the reality of prayer is that it is more often talked about than practiced.

Why? Because, if I’m going to be honest with you about it, prayer is often hard. Many times it is boring. And here is another secret: prayer is a mystery. We don’t understand completely “how” it works. Oh yes, prayer works! It’s something like electricity: I believe in electricity totally and when I hit the light switch it comes on but I don’t really understand what has happened behind the scene.

Of course ultimately prayer works because we are connecting to the God of the whole universe. He holds all the power and all the answers. He wants us to seek him in prayer because he delights in connecting with us and he delights in answering us. It is my personal opinion that he makes prayer just mysterious enough to cause us to press a little harder and a little deeper into our relationship with him.

This portion of the Cupboard is the School of Prayer, and we are going to explore everything from the prayer of agreement to spiritual warfare; from personal prayer time to prayer walking; from intercession to fasting. We are going to try to take some of the mystery out of it and put some of the joy into it. God is waiting for us to begin.

Articles on Prayer and How to Pray.