Dreams with demonic origin

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The Question:

I dreamed my daughter had a towel wrapped in her hand and when she handed it to me a venomous snake was staring at me with evil eyes. There was also a large python on the ceiling and as I looked through the window, there were two more pythons on either side of the road in a flooded street. Needless to say I was very frightened by this evil dream. What do you make of this?

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The Answer
Part 1: Determining origins

Determining origins (Part 1)

Dreams come from three possible origins: God, demons or our own soul. Probably the vast majority of our dream world is from ourselves; it is our life and circumstances played out symbolically while we sleep. Researchers are only beginning to understand how important dreaming is and all the benefits we derive from this gift from God.

When all natural dreams are removed from the mix we are left with dreams that originate outside ourselves. God uses dreams often to speak to us about issues, reveal himself or the future, solve problems and give us direction. Unfortunately, the devil too sometimes accesses us during our dreaming state. While God uses dreams FOR us, the devil uses dreams AGAINST us.

Your description of this dream definitely sounds like it is of demonic origin. Why? Because you mention that you felt “very frightened by this evil dream.” You are sensing the origin yourself. You can usually trust your own gut in determining where a dream comes from.

What should you watch for in a dream that comes from the demonic world? When fear, terror, hopelessness, or overwhelmingly negative emotions are present you have a very good clue. God is always for us and wants us to experience fullness of life. Dreams from him may challenge us but will not fill us with terror.

Dreams of snakes are not always demonic but in your case it seems that the snakes represent evil. Satan is often referred to as a serpent and snakes are used in many cults and pagan religious ceremonies. Some cultures worships snakes. You might want to look into your background for any evidence of that being part of your family heritage. If you find it is so, break that curse and place yourself and other family members under the covering of the blood of Jesus.

Every night before you go to sleep, entrust your dream world to the Lord. Refuse to receive fear. Ask him to surround you with angels of protection so that nothing demonic can get through. What you want every night is this: “In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for Thou along, O Lord, dost make me to dwell in safety.”(Psalm 4:8)