Ghost of father in house?

Straight Talk

The Question:

My dad just died in my house and I am not sure if I want to bless my house because I do not want him to leave the house. I am scared to sleep at night because I saw him. So should I get my house blessed or not?

Alex from Toronto

The Answer
Part 1: Yes, bless your house!

Yes, bless your house!

Whether you want your dad to leave your house or not doesn’t matter because he is now gone! When we die, our body and spirit are separated. The body goes back to dust eventually and our spirit meets with God our Judge and then enters into eternity; either heaven or hell.

What is this that you saw then? Most likely there is some demonic infestation. Already it is at work to instigate fear and to hook you into buying into it in order to stay close to your father. Your natural grief makes you want to cling to anything that may be left of your dad. The devil will take advantage of that if you let him.

See what has already happened to you. You saw your dad and now you are scared to sleep at night and yet you feel confused about what steps you should take to remove the source of the fear. Please do take steps to remove anything from your house that is a disturbance and that disrupts the peace of God you should be feeling. You do not have to put up with any ghostly manifestations. You simply need to tell them to go in Jesus name. Take authority now over your household before this goes any further.

You mention “getting” your house blessed. This is something that you can and should do for yourself although it is wonderful if some Christian friends join with you. Ask two or three people who are sensitive in the Holy Spirit to walk into each room with you as you anoint the doors and windows with oil and speak a blessing – breaking any curse. You do not want a “haunted” house, believe me.

Take care of all this sooner rather than later. Your grieving process is natural and is hard enough to go through; you don’t need the added complication of ghosts in your house.