Long Spiritual Attack

Straight Talk

The Question:

I am saved and that I know of, I have no spiritual doors open; yet, I’ve been under a constant spiritual attack since 1992 in my finances, home, physical body, and emotions. I can’t seem to pray and almost ended up in the hospital fasting. I have fasted before but the last time, I thought I was going to literally die. How do I get free?

– AM from Hartford

The Answer
Part 1: Causes
Part 2: Cures

Causes (Part 1)

I think this is a good question. We understand that we will all have ups and downs in life and most of us will endure at least a few big spiritual battles. But constant battles for ten to fifteen years? Doesn’t that sound a bit much?

Obviously I can’t know the root in your particular case-I don’t know enough about it or you. Actually, even if I did, it doesn’t mean I could figure it out any better than you have because some issues in life come down to mystery. The bottom line is that we often have to trust God despite our lack of understanding. That’s real faith.

In a general way, however, what are some causes of long term attacks? You allude to one in your question when you mentioned that you have no spiritual doors open that you know of. That is always a good starting point. Sin is an open door which gives the devil legal access to our lives. We need to examine our conscious on a daily basis and make sure we keep very short accounts with God.

Beyond our own sin, the sin of others can leave consequences in our lives. For instance, an alcoholic spouse can cause us financial or emotional or even physical suffering. It’s not our sin but we end up paying part of the price.

Generational curses are another aspect of sin that needs consideration. What has been in the family for generations? Mental illness? Chronic physical problems? History of a particular curse such as barrenness or miscarriages or cancer or diabetes? Somewhere along the line, an entry point worked its way in and now you find yourself handling what has been handed down.

Besides sin, there is a common cause of problems that I believe many Christians overlook. It is a lack of natural wisdom. Some people don’t seem to have much common sense. Then when things fall apart in their life they are stupefied and wonder why they are under attack. For instance, is our financial difficulty the result of poor money management? Did we lose a job because of poor performance? Do we fail to keep friends because we have poor communication skills? Do we always place blame on others (or God) but fail to be honest about our own responsibilities for our difficulties?

For whatever reason there are some long term struggles and difficulties and attacks but the question is: is there a way to break free?

Cures (Part 2)

I believe one of the tactics for breaking free from a long series of attacks is to shift perspective. Turn the difficulty inside out and view it in a whole new way. View it as positive instead of negative; as an opportunity for God to work something that will ultimately bring blessings and greater spiritual maturity. Yes, it is hard but it is possible.

God’s Word tells us to: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” (James 1:2) How many of us take that seriously? Even if our trouble came from the devil, God often uses the devil as his puppet to bring greater good for us.

Don’t misunderstand me. We should not roll over and allow the fullness of life that Jesus promised to be robbed from us. I believe in fighting and claiming every blessing in every area of life and not giving the enemy one inch.

The question is HOW we fight. Weapons such as joy, peace, giving, praise and thanksgiving are oftentimes more powerful than any we use to concentrate on the attack itself. You’ve heard the saying about someone not seeing the forest for the trees. When we have long spiritual battles, we often get mired down in doubt and discouragement and hopelessness that it will ever be over. That’s not true.

You mention that you can’t pray and fasting almost landed you in the hospital. I think you need some R&R which you must get direct from the Divine Physician. Stop trying; stop battling and stop asking “why.” Put your eyes on the Lord alone and spend time in his presence. Let HIM fight for you as you convalesce. You can do that with utter confidence because; “For the battle is not yours, but God’s.” (2 Chronicles 20:15)

The Bible also says that: “In Thy presence is fullness of joy.” (Psalm 16:11) That’s a really good promise for you in your battle weary condition. If you do not have fullness of joy you need to scramble yourself into his presence and rest. Ask him to wake you up when the battle is over. You might find the time will go by quicker when you aren’t the one fighting anymore!