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The Question:

My mother is an alcoholic and she is going through a hard time and she has been going to a voodoo lady since I have been out of town. I am back now. I don’t know much about it because I don’t do those things but I know that stuff is not liked by God.

The lady gave her some oil and told her to mop the floor with it to give her house luck because she was facing eviction. She also gave her some kind of necklace with colorful beads and I’m going to cut them off and throw them away while she is asleep.

I really don’t know how she turned to this stuff. Is she welcoming demons? How do I bless her house and what should I do to help her turn back to God?

S. from the Bronx, New York

The Answer
Part 1: Fight against all odds

Fight against all odds

This has got to be one of the toughest situations imaginable. You have to watch your mother do the very thing which will bring her the most destruction while she is apparently blinded to it, at least for now.

Your options are limited because of your mother’s free will. God allows her to choose (even bad choices) and you have to allow that too. If you do not live in her house you cannot dictate how she runs her house or her business. Still, there are things you can do and you must not give up.

You can sit down with your mother and with the Bible and explain to her very carefully how God feels about witchcraft of which voodoo is one part. By giving her correct and honest information you can give her the opportunity to make a new decision about what she invites into her home. Yes, by being involved in voodoo she is inviting demons to live with her.

But let’s remember that she is blinded for now. Spiritual light can come to her when the truth is presented AND when there is prayer and spiritual warfare on her behalf. That is the other thing you can do. You can battle for her since she is in no condition to battle for herself. Prayer and targeting fasting can make positive inroads in this situation.

Ask your mother if she would be open to a real house blessing – one that is not based on “luck” but upon inviting the Holy Spirit to come in and applying the blood of Jesus. If she is, your mother will need to repent for the voodoo involvement as she pronounces blessings on her house and demands that the demonic spirits leave.

I commend you for being so concerned and for recognizing the situation for how dangerous it is. God will honor your prayers; fight for your mother. Right now her greatest blessing is having you as her daughter!

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