Jehovah-Tsidkenu – Lord our Righteousness

Righteousness isn’t a terribly popular word anymore so Jehovah-Tsidkenu, the Lord our Righteousness may not seem all that relevant in the 21st Century. We need to take a second glance however. This name of the Lord is one of the most powerful and comforting ones he has given us and an understanding will create a heart bursting with gratitude.

Righteousness means morally right or justifiable but some of its synonyms help us more: blameless, guiltless, holy, innocent, just, sinless. When God revealed himself as “THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS” in the Old Testament (Jeremiah 23:5-8) the people were anything but sinless and guiltless. In fact, they were in the process of being hauled off into exile and captivity for their constant and longstanding sin, idolatry, and unfaithfulness to the Lord.

They had been warned over and over through the prophets God had sent to them but their hearts were hard. Finally the judgment fell though God did it with the greatest reluctance. In the midst of that devastation, the Lord comforted them by revealing himself to them in a new way that would carry them through the tough times ahead. God never gloats over our sin; he always grieves. And if we are suffering the consequences of our own sin, he always has a plan to bring us back to where his blessings can again flow in our lives.

The promise of the Lord for the people of Israel was that he was going to send a Messiah, one who would sit on the throne of David again and provide a permanent sin solution. King David’s reign and the glory years of the Jews were now a distant memory; the Messiah’s rule and reign would be forever. Some 600 years later this prophecy was fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.

How exactly is the Lord our righteousness? Since every one of us except Jesus has sinned, we have no right to stand before God and say; “Here I am Lord, right, just, sinless and blameless. I’m innocent God.” But Jesus can stand before the Father and say all those things. So by carrying our sins on the cross, he is letting us ride on his righteousness. He can say to the Father; “I’ve got Barbara covered. Don’t look at her sin because I paid for it and I want you to see her as blameless.” The Father accepts Jesus’ righteousness as if it were ours.

Do you start to see how exciting it is to be able to call the Lord, JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU? To some this concept is a stumbling block because it seems too good to be true. Yes, I agree that it is simple – simple enough for anyone to understand, but it is not too good to be true. It is true. Well, you say, what’s the catch? The catch is that you have to accept it. It is not forced on anyone. We all continue to have a free will and God desires that our relationship with him is given freely from our heart with love.

If you have never called upon Jehovah – Tsidkenu and would like to begin this relationship for the first time this may help you. How to meet Jesus Christ. If you know him but you’ve never quite grasped this truth or you feel dirty based on all your bad choices and sin, take heart. Begin again. As I said before; he never gloats; he’s always on the lookout for you to return to him. Remember the story of the Prodigal son? See Luke 15:10-24. Call upon the Lord your righteousness today for the first time or for the 100th time. His arms are open wide to you.

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  1. Teri

    This was the best and most comprehensive explaination I have ever enjoyed Devouring! I really mean devouring, I read it all several times, then read it out loud so I could HEAR the meaning. THANKS


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