Let’s Go Deep – Psalm 92:5

Wake Up Call

Are you riding only on the surface waves of life? A surf boarder is trained to skim the water and that’s right for them because the whole idea is to ride on top as long as you can; all the way in to the beach if possible. But is it a good idea to treat your life that same way, especially your spiritual life?

We were meant by God to traverse the deep waters. Psalm 92:5 says; “O Lord, how great are your works! Your thoughts are very deep.” Staying up on the surface of life may be pleasant but it is shallow and in the end your life will feel meaningless.

How can we get down deeper? One way is to examine your priorities. What is most important to you? The way you can tell that is by observing two things: what you talk about and what you spend time on. The Bible says that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks (See Luke 6:45). Therefore what you talk about is what you really care about the most. And it will follow that those things you care about are the things in which you will invest the most time.

After you spend a few days mentally logging your talk and time habits you can ask yourself how you ended up. Shallow? Deep? Superficial? Substantial? At the end of your life will you be satisfied with the time you invested in those things? If you find yourself skimming the surface of life’s waters, jump off your surfboard. Dive into the deepest waters you can find. Cold, deep, clear, pure – yes; but it is in that place where you will connect with the deep thoughts of God.

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