Never Forsaken – Psalm 37:25

Wake Up Call

If you are in a squeezed place financially right now, here’s something for you. King David wrote this in his later years: “I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread” (Psalm 37:25).

I found this scripture early in my years as a single mother and I clung to it at times like Velcro. Sometimes I would get a paycheck and then add up all my bills and it just didn’t compute. If I paid all the bills there would be little money for food. Then I would examine my cupboards to see how far I could make it without grocery shopping.

Things were very tight at times over the years. Not always — but sometimes. When I told the girls “no” we couldn’t go to Wendy’s for dinner because I had no money they had a simple solution. “That’s okay mom, just go to the bank and put your card in the machine and get some.”

Even during tight times I can tell you that God’s Word was absolutely true. We were never forsaken and we never begged bread. We never missed a meal and I never missed a bill or even paid one late. That remains true to this very day.

If you are just starting off in your walk with the Lord, you may be wondering what you can expect, especially if there is a financial trial right now. If you have walked with the Lord many years, but now are experiencing a tight place for the first time, you may also be wondering. King David lived a long life and saw much of hard and difficult places. Yet, as an old man, he testifies to God’s faithfulness and I join him in agreeing to this truth. Read this scripture every time you don’t see a solution and watch to see how God will come through.

I promise you will not be forsaken.



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