God Doesn’t Mind Hoggie Doggies

Wake Up Call

A friend called me yesterday on the phone and was telling me about a special church service she attends every Thursday night at a local church. Often at the end of the service the pastor asks if anyone wants to come down to the altar for individual prayer. After months of attending she decided one night to go forward for the first time. She had a very remarkable and moving encounter with God which was unexpected and exciting and met a deep need in her life.

Then she said to me, “I won’t go forward very often like that because I know there are other people at the service who need prayer and I don’t want to take up the Pastor’s time unless it is really important.” WHAT? I thought to myself, do you think God has limits on how many miracles He can do, how many prayers he can answer, and how much patience he has for people who continuously come down to a church altar for ministry?

So I told her the story of my Boston Terrier. Her name is Pepper Ann but she has a nickname: hoggie doggie. She is always pushing her way in to get the closest spot next to me and the most belly rubs. If she sees me petting my other dog, she’s Johnny on the spot to nudge her little head under my hand. She aggressively pursues my attention and you know what? She gets it. My other dog is not as pushy so he ends up with less. Rather than finding that irritating, I find it endearing and I kind of admire her pushiness.

I told my friend that God doesn’t mind hoggie doggies at all. He likes us to push in and say to Him; “MORE, Lord! I want more of you, more of your presence; more of your miracle working power, more answers to my prayers; more of everything you’ve got to give!”

What about those others who have needs; won’t they get less? Anyone who wonders that doesn’t know what a BIG God we serve!