Push Back!

Wake Up Call

I happened to catch part of an interview on CNN the other day with William Cohen, the former Secretary of Defense under Clinton. It reminded me of a spiritual principle that I thought you might like to consider. Cohen was being interviewed to get his reaction to countries considering meeting the demands of terrorist groups who have taken their citizens or soldiers as hostages. One country was in the news because they secured the release of some hostages by agreeing to leave Iraq earlier than scheduled.

The interviewer asked Cohen what he would say to countries in the grip of this terrible dilemma. He said his first advice is not to give in because meeting the terrorists’ demands will simply increase hostage taking. But the part that interested me was what he said next. Rather than give in, he suggested that the countries do the opposite and give greater support to the Iraq military operation.

Did you ever consider that when you are under spiritual attack you should do the opposite of what Satan wants you to do and hit him back? Retaliate? Make him sorry he ever launched an attack against you? If you are hit with financial loss, give more. If you are hit with discouragement, encourage someone every day. If someone in your family is taken with an illness, visit the hospital and pray for the sick. Push Satan back in the area of your own attack or in any area available to you. In case you haven’t heard — this is war!

Jesus taught his disciples this principle when he said to them; “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Matthew 11:12) This means that we don’t sit back in passive mode and watch the thief and liar steal our life and God’s best purposes for it. We fight for every good gift that was purchased through the blood of Jesus but that the devil wants to block us from receiving. Decide today not to give in. PUSH BACK!



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