He Owns It All – Psalm 50:10

Wake Up Call

We need to be reminded now and again that God cannot be put in any little financial box we might try to stuff Him. Just because our budget is limited does not mean that His is. Psalm 50:10 tells us; “For every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.” He’s rich. I know they publish a list every year naming the 10 wealthiest people in the world but what do you call the person who owns EVERYTHING?

God owns everything. Knowing this can make a difference in how we live. For instance we should continuously guard ourselves against a spirit of poverty. It might seem that people with a spirit of poverty are those who have little and who always think of themselves as poor with no recourse. Yes, that’s one way. But even a rich person can have a spirit of poverty. Those who hoard, those who are stingy, and those who live in fear about losing it all are also living with a spirit of poverty.

My suggestion for you if you are in either category is the same. First of all, get it deep down inside yourself that it really ALL belongs to Him. He is the one who owns it all; whatever you have, you are a simple care taker. Un-tighten those fingers from around your “stuff” because it’s not really your stuff.

Next, start giving. You who have little, you will never feel in poverty if you have something to give. You may be hoarding the same way as the rich man but justifying yourself saying that you are being wise to watch every penny. If you are wealthy, give because it really doesn’t belong to you anyway. Your heavenly Father is generous so be like Him and give and give more.

Don’t let yourself fall into a spirit of poverty. Remember the one who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. If you need a cow or two, let Him know. If you have a cow or two, let ’em go.

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