The Umpire

Wake Up Call

The batter slides into second base and for barely a split second the crowd sucks in their breath and waits for the umpire to call it. Safe. The cheers and boos erupt but that’s it; done deal. The ump is the final word; the decision maker.

Where do you go for decisions in your life, especially those that are “close calls”? Some decisions are no-brainers. The Bible is pretty clear about a number of issues and you really don’t need an umpire to referee them. Other things aren’t so simple but they still need a decision.

Whether to take that job; move to a new city; which house to buy when two of them look ideal; can that aged parent still live alone; which college to choose; is this the right marriage partner; should another pregnancy be attempted; is this the right time to retire? Any of these might go either way but which way is right?

Colossians 3:15 says; “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” Within that short passage is a clue to help you make decisions. How about if “peace” becomes your ump? Here’s how: do all that you know to do in the natural to come to a right conclusion on the decision before you. Evaluate, seek advice, weigh the pros and cons and pray. Then, go ahead and make the decision based on your best ability.

Now, suck in your breath and wait. Twenty four hours – no less. Does peace settle in or does angst, confusion, an unsettled feeling? If peace rules, go ahead and implement the decision but if not, retract it. The peace of Christ is a safe base to slide into. Let that ump decide.