Power of a Nobody – Matthew 5:5

Wake Up Call

Back in the Old Testament there was an insignificant nobody named Esther who ended up becoming queen. This was a most unlikely happening. A Jew in captivity in Persia, she was an orphaned young maiden being raised in obscurity by her cousin Mordecai as his daughter.

It was God who orchestrated her unusual rise to power and prominence but it is interesting the circumstance he used. Esther should have never become queen because there was already a queen in the land named Vashti. She was “somebody” who very quickly became nobody by disobeying King Ahasuerus. He called her into his presence and she arrogantly refused so he replaced her.

Esther was quite different than Vashti. She was meek and unassuming and humble. She obeyed the king. She did not try to promote herself and she had no personal agenda.

Since she did not, God used her to promote his agenda which was to preserve the Jews as a people. A time came when it was necessary to act contrary to the law by coming into the king’s presence without being called. This could mean death unless the king extended his scepter – his symbol of authority.

With Esther there was no arrogance. She bravely stepped forward and turned the tide of history after the king gladly held out his scepter to her. In the end, the Jews were saved because her humility had great power.

Are you “somebody” or just a little “nobody”? Who knows what history making job the Lord might like to assign to you. Remember what Jesus said; “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5) When you have a humble heart, there is great power in being a nobody.



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