Ask For The Good Stuff – John 2:3

Wake Up Call

When the wedding party at Cana ran out of wine to serve their guests, Jesus was called in by his mother for a solution. She said to her son; “They have no wine.” (John 2:3) Jesus told them to fill six water pots with water.

You all know what happened. Jesus turned the water into wine and it was higher quality than what they had served in the beginning of the wedding feast. What if Mary would not have simply asked? There would have been no miracle, that’s what.

If Mary would not have asked they would have had to “make do.” There would have been some embarrassment, and probably switching to water to drink-or maybe watering down any wine that remained and perhaps the whole feast would have ended early.

Are you “making do” in your life? Are you sitting around with plenty of water in your house but no wine? Are you getting by on poor health, barely enough financially, meager spiritual life and blessings? Maybe you need to become like Mary and approach the one who can change water into wine.

Mary asked. She expected Jesus to come up with a solution. She left the outcome in his hands and he did not disappoint. I’m sure we would all agree that wine is better than water. Let’s not settle anymore for only the barest of necessities. Let’s ask for the good stuff!



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