Particularly Blessed

Wake Up Call

deer-closeup1Have you ever thought about how your friends became your friends? Maybe some go back to childhood and your shared history created a bond that is lasting a lifetime. Friendships may have formed around mutual interests or common beliefs or family relationships. Certainly friends must be temperamentally balanced. In other words, you have to like each other and be able to get along.

You may believe that you picked your friends or they picked you. Yes, that’s true, but did you ever think that God had anything to do with it? What if the people who are in your life (both friends and even acquaintances) were just one more example of God putting your life together?

If that is the case, take another look at your friends. If God purposed them, he has something in mind besides sharing lunch or talking over problems. You may be one of the greatest gifts your friend has. You may say or do something that changes the course of their life in a very positive way. They may be beside you at a strategically important point in your life – one planned by the Almighty.

Nothing in our life is by accident. God is aligning not only events for this end time, but people too. We are born into a particular family in a particular country at a particular time for a particular reason. Look at each friend in light of God’s purpose and you will realize you are particularly blessed.



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