How Big Is Your Funnel?

Wake Up Call

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A pastor at a conference I attended told a story about his early ministry worth repeating. The young minister had a lady in his congregation who changed his life. He knew she was a school bus driver and he happened to know how much that job paid because they printed it in the paper. She made $18,000 a year.

Still, when he reviewed the giving records he was surprised that she was contributing over $20,000 yearly to the church. This went on for two or three years and he finally couldn’t help asking her about it. He teased her a little when he broached it, asking her if she was doing anything illegal that she wanted to talk about.

She knew he wasn’t serious and laughed and said; “Now why would you say such a thing, Pastor?” “Well”, he said, I see how much you give to the church and I can’t understand how you do it.” Her answer floored him and influenced his own giving forevermore. She said, “Oh God doesn’t have any problem getting money TO me, because he knows he can get it THROUGH me.”

She and her family lived a modest life style and as God prospered them that never changed. Instead of increasing her own worldly goods, she was like a funnel for God’s work. She received so much she had no problem giving more than her job paid.

As far as giving is concerned, how big is your funnel? Don’t forget, God has no problem getting money to you. The question is: can he get it through you?


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