The Resurrection is True! – Matthew 28:12

Wake Up Call

What do you do when you are caught dead to rights and there’s no way out? LIE! That’s the strategy the devil adopted from the moment Jesus rose from the dead. Certainly he saw the repercussions. The jig was up. Jesus won and he lost – everything.

If Jesus rose from the dead then he really was the Son of God. He had all power and all authority and the devil’s own little puny kingdom was in jeopardy. So from the very beginning Satan hatched a plot that said Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead.

When the Roman guards who were paid to secure the tomb of Jesus came to the Jewish high priest and told him what had happened on Easter morning, they were inspired to lie. Here is what they decided: “they gave a large sum of money to the soldiers, and said, ‘You are to say, “His disciples came by night and stole Him away while were asleep.”‘” (Matthew 28:12-13)

It worked to some extent. The scripture goes on to say; “and this story was widely spread among the Jews, and is to this day.” (Verse 15) Matthew meant his own day but it has been true down to our present day. No generation goes by without challenging the resurrection.

Haven’t some amateur archeologists who are making a movie recently said they have found the tomb of Christ in which he is buried with his wife Mary Magdalene and his children? New twist; same old lies.

He is NOT in a tomb though; he is sitting at the right hand of his Father in heaven. He rose and left the earth with this truth which counters every lie: “and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Verse 20)



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