Don’t Stop Running

Wake Up Call

“Why do you only feel the thorns in your feet when you stop running?” That’s a line from the movie, “Amazing Grace” which I just recently saw. I was immediately struck with the truth of it. I can identify with times when I was too focused on something I was doing to notice some peripheral pain or inconvenience.

For athletes, that’s the way it has to be if they want to win. You know the popular saying; NO PAIN, NO GAIN. What about spiritual athletes? Paul compares our Christian walk with athletic endeavors when he says; “Run in such a way that you may win.” (1 Corinthians 9:24) Then he goes on to talk of the self-control and discipline needed if we are serious about winning an “imperishable” reward.

But when we stop running, what happens? Suddenly we are oh so aware of every “thorn” which would try to dissuade us from ever running again. If we listen to their whiny little voices we might get sucked into lying down to nurse our wounds permanently.

If you have a call on you life from God, what are you doing about it right now? Have you determined to keep going and fulfill your purpose? Is your focus firmly fixed? That’s good! Just remember: if you don’t want to feel the thorns, don’t stop running.


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