Let God Decide

Wake Up Call

egypt-pyramid1What did Abraham ever do to make himself famous or insure a lasting legacy? What career ladders did Joseph climb to become Prime Minister of Egypt? Who “handled” David during his reign as king over Israel? As a matter of fact, did any of the famous Bible characters imagine that people down through the centuries would remember or talk about them?

I can’t see where even one Bible hero promoted his or her self. It was always God who did all their promo work. Just think: there was no media hype, sound bytes, book signings, record deals or Internet blogs. They didn’t hire slick advertising agencies to figure out how to project a favorable image or advance their careers.

As we do God’s work upon the earth, we need to keep these true heroes in mind. God has a divine destiny for each one of us and he has a path to success to achieve it. In the end we may or may not become known to the world. Many obscure saints will have thrones and authority in heaven that they never experienced on earth. We are wise not to measure success as the world measures it.

Are you waiting on God for your next step? That’s good – you are in the best company with men like Daniel, Isaiah, and Samuel. Maybe you will become famous like some of them and maybe not. Check your heart for motives and then let God decide.



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