Debt Free – Romans 13:8

Wake Up Call

Are you in denial over your checkbook, credit cards and debt load? Do you even know how much you owe all together? When was the last time you balanced your check book, if ever? Don’t despair; those questions were not meant to send you ducking for cover. Maybe you just need some practical help in managing your finances.

Lately I’ve become aware of a large number of people who have great difficulty in understanding, spending and controlling money. Quite often they suffer in secret, too embarrassed to share the problem. They figure that at their age they should know all these things like budgeting, saving, balancing and the like. Or, they feel guilty because they can trace the current black hole to lack of discipline and overspending. Is that you?

The Bible says; “Owe no one anything except to love one another.” (Romans 13:8) Wouldn’t it be wonderful to owe no one anything? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be debt free? This is not a pipe dream; many people have gained control over their financial life and you can too.

Find a credit counseling or free financial service to help you get started. The feeling of relief and freedom will be worth overcoming whatever holds you back from seeking help in becoming debt free.