It’s In There

Wake Up Call

Years ago there was a TV commercial where someone kept mentioning ingredients and someone else would say; “It’s in there.” Like this: “Fresh tomatoes!” “It’s in there!” “Oregano!” “It’s in there!” I think it was for spaghetti sauce.

Now let’s look at you. Did you grow up reading the Bible and memorizing verses? If you have children are you raising them the same way? If so, you and your children are blessed indeed because that means it’s all in there. As life rises up to challenge you in various ways you have a built in system of meeting those challenges. The Word of God is like a sword you can draw out at any time because you always have it buckled securely to your side.

But what if you didn’t grow up that way? Maybe you barely heard of the Bible as a child and forget about knowing any quotes from it. I was pretty Bible illiterate when I became a Christian so I understand. I also know things don’t have to stay that way. Why not remedy the situation for yourself and your generations to come?

You can make Bible flash cards; sing little songs; post scriptures on your bathroom mirror and recite them as you brush your teeth; devise games and prizes for both you and your children. I bet you can think up some wonderful ways to learn the Word of God by heart.

Then, when you need an answer for the next challenge in your life you’ll have it. It’s in there!

Here’s the audio version