Being Right

Wake Up Call

One Sunday morning I woke up, started my routine, and began my prayer time. I was praying about a thorny issue and wandered off into thinking about it rather than praying about it. Ever had that happen to you? The result was a severe case of exasperation. My brow was wrinkled and my heart troubled. I was really chewing on it like a cow on cud.

Later I sat in church half heartedly listening to the sermon when this was said: “Did you know you can be right about something and still be wrong?” That zinged me pretty good. It’s exactly what was happening to me. I was right in my evaluation of the situation but wrong in the way I was handling it.

Instead of getting back to prayer which could really improve things I was letting the stress of it suck faith out of me. Instead of laying the circumstances down on God’s altar, I was trying to figure out a good human solution. By excluding God’s input, I was backing myself into a hopeless corner.

“No more” I said. “Back to the prayer closet I go. Back to trust and faith in God’s goodness for this situation.” Of course it is easier said than done once you have opened a worry door. But not impossible! That’s what I’m working on now. Who cares about being right? I’d rather be right in the middle of God’s peace.



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