Use It! – Genesis 2:18

Wake Up Call

In our 1950 census, 10 percent of households had only one person in them. After our last census, it jumped to 25 percent of households. What will we be up to after the next one? Couple that with the aging of the baby boomers and we are looking at a sea of people who will soon be elderly and alone.

Not everyone who lives alone is lonely but it is usually a big problem. God made us to be social beings and we naturally crave companionship, support and love. He said about Adam in the garden; “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” (Genesis 2:18)

Who doesn’t want a bowl of chicken noodle soup brought to them when they are down with a cold? Who doesn’t want someone to share a slice of pizza with on a Friday night or someone to tell the story to about the funny thing the cat just did? Who wants to always say “One, please” when the hostess asks how many for dinner?

I don’t have any real solution to removing loneliness but I wonder if (as long as it is there anyhow) it can’t be used to advantage. Maybe being alone will goad a person into taking risks. Such as? Overcoming shyness and reaching out to make new friends. Tackling a new hobby, classes, or joining a club where you don’t know a soul. Offering to help a new neighbor. Volunteering. Befriending someone outside your comfort zone.

You’ve heard the saying; “Use it or lose it”? That could work well here with a slight adjustment. Lonely, and want to lose it? Use it!



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