The Spider Web

Wake Up Call

deer-straight-on1Not too long ago I ministered to a woman whom Satan has held in a very tight web of deceit for the last few years. Things had gotten so bad in her life that she was almost non-functional and after a stint in a psych ward she was ready for spiritual solutions.

This woman is a Christian and in fact, as I got to know her, I could see why God loves her so much. She really has such a pure tender heart and spiritual gifts of “helps” and compassion. But she has not used her gifts for a long time. Why?

She told me that she began to wonder about her own motives. She would do something for someone in need and then a voice would say; “Did you do that out of a pure heart of love for God? No, you just want people to like you. You don’t have pure motives.” Believing the voice, she totally stopped all acts of mercy.

I couldn’t believe it. What a rip off! Satan successfully took away one of her greatest assets – robbing her and the church. Ministry was shut down and that played into other lies she was swallowing. She reminded me of a fly caught in a spider web circled around into a sticky white cocoon. Soon she would be sucked completely dry.

We made progress in countering the lies with truth but she has a lot of work ahead of her. Each day she must decide who she is going to believe. I’m rooting for her, praying courage will trump the malicious, deceitful voice.

What voice speaks inside of you? Who do you believe? If you are caught in a web of deceit, the truth will cut you free.



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