Why the “Why”?

Wake Up Call

I know a young woman who pretty much served God all her life. She made an early decision to remain pure until marriage and give the gift of her virginity to her husband on their wedding night. She was sticking by that resolution until something happened which she had no control over.

Anna (not her real name) was date raped. Robbed! Not only of the gift she was saving, but of her personal dignity. The aftermath was terribly difficult and Anna struggled to regain herself and to move forward with her life.

One thing that she couldn’t seem to get past was the fact that God allowed this to happen. Why? Why had He allowed it? Five years later she was still stuck in that question. I was at her house one night when the subject came up and she again threw all her “whys” out there.

I looked her straight in the eye. “Suppose God walked in the door right now and you could ask him live and in person why he allowed that. Suppose He told you the reason straight out.” Then I said something that blew her away. “What makes you think, Anna, that knowing WHY would help you any – would make you feel any better?”

Well she had never considered that before. She felt stunned to think of it, and somehow it helped her move on. Finally, her “why” wasn’t the bottom line anymore; she could look up and take God’s hand again in spite of the past.

Consider this for yourself. If you are stuck in the why of some past event consider that knowing the reasons might not make you feel any better at all. If that’s so, why keep asking?



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