Believe – John 9:9

Wake Up Call

I bet you would have loved to have seen Jesus perform one of his miracles in person wouldn’t you? I bet you would have believed what you saw even if you are normally the doubting Thomas type. Right?

Well, not so with some who actually did see miracles with their own eyes. For instance there is the account of the man who was blind from birth. Jesus applied clay and spittle to his eyes and had him go wash in the pool of Siloam. After he washed he came back with his sight. Who could deny it? But there was a mixed reaction by those neighbors who had always known him as a blind beggar.

“‘Is not this the one who used to sit and beg?’ Others were saying, ‘this is he,’ still others were saying, ‘No, but he is like him.‘” (John 9:9) Rather than actually believe that a blind man could receive sight, some chose to insist that the sighted man must be a different person.

You see, it’s possible to deny what is right in front of your face. It can happen today just like back then. You can say such things as the person was misdiagnosed in the first place or there was a trick or the person lied about their sickness or you can flat out DISBELIEVE instead of BELIEVE.

What makes the difference? Usually, it is the condition of the heart. Is it soft and open to God or hard and cynical? Now check your own. Do you believe Jesus really did all those miracles in the Bible? And do you perhaps need a miracle in your life now, 2000 years later? BELIEVE!



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