Increase – Psalm 115:14

Wake Up Call

I love to hear this blessing spoken: “May the Lord give you increase, you and your children” (Psalm 115:14). Being on the plus side is infinitely better than being on the minus side. It is also the side God is on. He wants us to increase and prosper continuously.

Sometimes we don’t always know that or at least believe it. We realize as we go along in life that difficulties naturally come. Things go wrong and we wonder if God is sitting up there in heaven throwing bad stuff down to us “for our own good.” I agree that God “allows” things – no doubt about it that nothing happens to us without the Lord’s permission.

It’s different though, than believing that God delights in our pain and suffering. Rather, He roots for our success and uses whatever life and the devil throws at us to make us more than overcomers and supply greater increase in the end.

Where can we look for increase? We can increase in faith, hope and love. Provision can increase so that we always have more than enough to supply someone else’s needs. We can increase in soul winning, in influence, in good health and in satisfaction with a good life.

The greatest part is that our children can increase right along with us. I declare this for my family every day and you can too. You don’t know what event is just around the bend in your life. Still, with the Lord’s willing favor, why not expect every event to give you increase –“you AND your children.”



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