Show Us the Money

Wake Up Call

There’s a line from a movie that has made its way recently into our popular culture. It goes like this: “Show me the money!” It means, I don’t want any pie in the sky empty promises; I want the real stuff. Then I will come on board with you.

I wonder if the world feels like saying that to us Christians. “Don’t just tell me about God and all his miracles and promises: SHOW ME THE GOODS!” There is a scripture that backs up that thinking. It says: “For the kingdom of God does not consist in words, but in power.” (1 Corinthians 4:20) In other words, that’s the way the kingdom is supposed to work: powerfully.

The beginning church after Jesus ascended back into heaven had the goods. They healed the sick; they drove out demons; they saw into hearts and proclaimed truth and performed every kind of miracle. Even Peter’s shadow was healing the sick as he walked by. Where is that now?

Yes, there are still miracles but to be honest, (especially here in America) they aren’t often enough. According to that scripture, the kingdom of God is an action kingdom. Words are empty when they aren’t backed up with the power of God. I for one, want to see more power coming from the church. Shouldn’t it be the norm rather than the exception?

Whatever we are missing that the first disciples had; we need to pursue it and pray for it and expect it. It’s God who is the source of the power and he hasn’t changed his mind about wanting to pour it out. Have you seen the kingdom operate in power lately? Let’s start crying out to God: SHOW US THE MONEY!


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