Generosity – Isaiah 32:8

Wake Up Call

“A generous man devises generous things, and by generosity he shall stand.” (Isaiah 32:8)

Even though December is the month which has the closest association to “generosity” because of Christmas, sometimes it is the toughest month to practice being truly generous. Yes, there is throwing money in the Salvation Army kettles and gift exchanges and so on. But because the pressure is so great, sometimes the “heart” of generosity is not there. This is especially true when times are tight.

I have a friend who defies all that. She has been overwhelmed with financial difficulties for several years – none through her own fault. Yet even though she has little she is wonderfully generous all the time. You would think she is a close relative of that red guy with the white beard. Unlike her, I have had years where my heart sank in the beginning of December wondering how I would ever bear the financial strain of the season. Going through the “giving” motions on the outside, my insides were shrinking back from real generosity.

True generosity means we have a heart that is always on the lookout for a way to bless others. Instead of wondering how little we can get away with for that gift or event we wonder how much we can do or how we can add a little extra to make it especially nice. True generosity doesn’t keep score between what has been given versus what has been received.

True generosity also has its reward. As the scripture above says; it is by generosity that we will stand. That means we won’t ever have reason to be sorry we were generous. So go ahead this year and be extravagant from your heart. By generosity you will stand tall in God’s eyes.



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