Master Refinisher – Psalm 51:12

Wake Up Call

I love to take a slow stroll through an antique store. Some of the lovely old furniture has a soft patina you can’t buy in new pieces. Other items simply look beat up, dented, scratched, grimy, and forlorn. Those pieces need a good cleaning or better yet, refinishing.

Time takes its toll on furniture but I’m also reminded that it takes its toll on our souls. Psalm 51:12 says; “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit.” These words came from David as he repented of his sin with a longing to go back to the time when everything in God was fresh and brand new.

If you have walked a long time in fellowship with the Lord you understand. In the beginning it was like a honeymoon. God’s presence was so real and sure and joy was bursting out on every side. But over time things settle down. Eventually you get dented and scratched and grimy and you aren’t even sure how it all happened. Where is that purity and intimacy with God and the deep joy of salvation?

David asked God for restoration to that glorious former place and he received it. You can too. We all need to be restored somewhere along the line and maybe right now you need that restoration. By the Lord’s generous Spirit He will uphold you.

Put yourself into the hands of the Master refinisher. He alone can make you brand new.

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