Stop And Look

Wake Up Call

Now it has turned to winter where I am. I feel like I missed autumn this year but it was really my own fault. I somehow didn’t notice it even though it was right there before my very eyes.

At first I looked for the beautiful colors and crisp air but I was trying to find them before the season really came on. When I looked up at the trees expecting to see red, yellow, orange there was only green, green, green. Then I remembered that around my area the changes are usually a little later. So I stopped looking.

The next thing I knew, the leaves were on the ground and turning brown. I gazed at a few beautiful ones but they were getting crinkly and I didn’t have the time to truly enjoy them. Why had this happened to me? Well, because I was so busy this year and because I let distractions block my view. Ever have that happen? Miss seeing things by looking right past them with your mind a million miles away?

How much of the beauty and pleasure of life do we miss that is right in front of us? How many wonderful things do we bypass because some “big stuff” is rattling around in our brain? For me the answer is TOO much. Autumn is gone and it cannot be retrieved. But it was a good lesson.

There is much beauty to winter and I want to truly see it this year. I’m still very busy but I’m determined to be clear eyed now and not miss another season. My motto will be: “Stop and look!” Care to join me?



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