Grace to Carry – Psalm 68:19

Wake Up Call

I have a friend who has quite a heavy load right now. It involves an estrangement that has gone on for several years despite every effort. Only my friend and God know the deep anguish and soreness of spirit that she lives with.

Yesterday as we were talking on the phone she mentioned a small plaque which sits on her desk given to her by another friend. She reads it every single day and it has followed her through many moves and changes. The plaque reads: “Whatever God asks you to lift; He gives you the grace to carry.”

A small and inexpensive gift but one that has played a mighty part in helping to carry this load. Looking at it inspires hope: this is not too big; it will not always be this way; I will get through this with God’s grace.

Psalm 68:19 says; “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, the God who is our salvation.” I think it is in the daily bearing of our burden that grace is revealed. Grace is like a sprinkling of ease and a splash of oil in a dry place.

Maybe you need a splash of grace right now for something that you have been asked to lift. Remember the saying on the plaque. And don’t try to struggle on all by yourself. His daily bearing of your burden actually IS His grace to carry.