A Gift for Him – Psalm 116:15

Wake Up Call

When I was in sixth grade, my best friend’s father died on the eve of Christmas Eve. Previous to that, I hadn’t a lot experience with death. I talked to Sandy afterward on Christmas day and she told me how much her mother cried when she opened the gift her dad had for her all wrapped and ready under the tree. It would be the last.

I’m reminded of this because there have been two deaths within our church family in the last week. Christmas is just around the corner. Could there be a sadder time to lose a loved one?

Then I remember something else: our loss is God’s gain. Psalm 116:15 says; “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His godly ones.” He is looking forward to welcoming each of his saints into eternity. He is eager to wipe away all pain, all tears.

Perhaps you have lost someone around the holiday time and the memory overshadows all the festivities and the joy everyone else seems to be experiencing. Try to look at it another way. If that one knew and served the Lord, they are in His presence now which is precious to Him.

He gave us the gift of His own Son on that first Christmas. Now turn the tables; perhaps you can think of giving your loved one as a gift for Him.



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