The Pig Pen – Luke 15:18

Wake Up Call

There is an anonymous quote which says: “You can’t escape until you realize that you are a prisoner.” How true! It reminds me of a story Jesus told of the prodigal son who was smart enough to realize he was a prisoner and subsequently escape.

The young man asked his father for his inheritance early and the father gave it to him. Then he proceeded to waste his money until nothing was left. He ended up a slave in a pig pen in a distant land. But something good happened: his dire need brought him to his senses.

He said to himself: “I will get up and go to my father, and will say to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in your sight.” (Luke 15:18) This guy had a true revelation of the pig pen he was in which opened up his escape route: repentance leading to acceptance and forgiveness from his father.

Many of us have friends or family members who are sitting in a pig pen right now. In their own minds they are “as happy as pigs in slop” as the saying goes. We can see the truth that they are prisoners. But it isn’t us who needs to see; they need to see for themselves.

Why don’t we pray for that loved one to have a revelation of their pig pen? Once they accurately assess the real situation they are going to want to get out of there fast. Perfect! Father God is still waiting with outstretched arms.