Loneliest Time – Isaiah 61:1

Wake Up Call

Why is December the loneliest month of the year? Why are there more suicides? Why is there more depression? So then — it seems that all those lights and decorations and “Ho Ho Ho’s” and jingle bells don’t filter down into the center of a lonely soul. No, if fact they can often make things worse.

If we have lost a loved one or can’t be with family or are estranged, all the festivities make loneliness more acute. If there is no one to buy a gift for or no one to receive a gift from, it painfully reveals the aching hole inside of us.

I wonder if Mary felt lonely when she gave birth to Jesus in a smelly stable with no midwife help? I wonder if Joseph felt worried and depressed because he couldn’t properly provide for his new family far from his own village? Even baby Jesus – was he experiencing the loneliness of being separated from his Heavenly Father for the first time in eternity?

Perhaps Jesus considered it worth it to be alone, misunderstood and betrayed in his lifetime in order that he might fulfill the Father’s destiny for him. “He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to captives.” (Isaiah 61:1) Are you the one who is broken-hearted this year, do you feel captive to loneliness?

He came for you. He considered his own loneliness as nothing so he could provide for your fullness. I hope knowing that eases your pain and takes away the sting if this is your loneliest time of the year.



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