Best Clothes

Wake Up Call

Think how different we feel when we put on different clothes. A worn pair of corduroys and a flannel shirt sets the mood to nap by a fire or take a crisp walk in the woods. On the other hand, putting on a new suit or a fancy evening dress can make you feel sophisticated and cosmopolitan, ready for a swank party.

What would it then feel like to be clothed in Christ? Paul says: “For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.” (Galatians 3:27) I like that idea. Baptism is like wrapping yourself in a garment that is the Lord himself.

Wouldn’t you be ready to go anywhere and do anything in such a garment? Wouldn’t you have all the confidence in the world to make a difference for the kingdom of God? WOW! Can baptism do that?

Well certainly baptism doesn’t “save” you – faith does, but following the Lord in baptism is a wonderful step of obedience that shows everyone you have sealed the deal. It’s a public demonstration of the deep work of the heart. Going down into the water spiritually naked you rise up clothed in the righteousness, character and power of Jesus Christ.

If you have never been baptized since you have received Christ I highly recommend it. Thereafter you will always be securely wrapped. In fact, according to Galatians these are the best clothes you will ever wear!


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