Poor Little Chewy

Wake Up Call

“Poor little Chewy”, I thought as I took my dog to the vet for surgery a few weeks ago. Just as I opened the door to the Animal Hospital he realized what was about to happen and turned around and tried to go the other way. His sad brown eyes were pitiful.

I had no choice; he absolutely had to have the surgery and there was no getting around it. But with a dog there is no way to explain to them what’s happening or that this is for their own good. When I picked him up the next day I avoided looking into his little pain filled eyes. Of course he wagged his tail and graciously forgave me.

As he curled up next to me later that day I had a whimsical thought: I wonder if God ever feels this way about me. “Poor little Barbara. She just isn’t going to understand how this upcoming trial will work for her own good. If I explained it to her she would miss the benefit of walking by faith.”

How dark, painful and mysterious our trials often feel. We turn around and try to go the other way but inevitably that doesn’t work. Then we may question, cry and complain. When the whole thing is over we can often look back and see the good that came out of it.

I’m going to try to remember this lesson the next time I feel like God is dropping me off at the Hard Times Hospital. I’m going to try to trust a little better up front. Hey, I wonder if I can learn how to wag my tail?