Week the TV Vacationed in Bimini

Wake Up Call

palms-sunriseDid you ever have a nagging feeling that your family was spending too much time in front of the TV? One time when my daughters were in grade school it seemed to me like the TV was on all the time, and that our life revolved around it. We were becoming addicted.

I didn’t intend to put the TV at the curb, but we clearly needed a break. So, I concocted a plan. While the girls were gone to their dad’s house one weekend I unplugged the TV and taped a big white sign to the screen. It said; “On vacation in Bimini. Returning the 17th. Have fun. Your TV.” I don’t know why I picked Bimini except that it sounded exotic and a fun vacation spot.

Sunday night they came skipping back into the house and eventually they noticed the sign. They looked dumbfounded and the questions began. I just kept smiling and saying that I guessed we would have to wait on the TV’s return from vacation before we could watch again. The 17th was one week away.

That week changed our lives. We returned to such old fashioned activities as conversation, board games, walks, trips to the tennis court and reading. It was harder on me than I would have imagined. No TV news for a whole week and no TV after they went to bed-that would not have been fair plus I needed this as much as they did.

When the week was up we almost reluctantly took the sign down. Things had changed for the better in all of us after seven days. The compulsion to watch was gone. We agreed that hereafter the TV would not be left on unless someone was actively watching. If you left the room the TV had to be turned off. If we got too attached again, the TV might take more vacations.

Maybe your TV would enjoy a vacation? I hear Bimini is great this time of year!