Night Driving – Proverbs 8:20

Wake Up Call

Night driving is not my favorite. Oh yes, I will do it but if I have a choice I’d rather drive by day. At night all you have are those headlights and you can only see so far down the road. Once you get out in the country the darkness can get pretty intense.

As I think about it, our spiritual walk is mostly night driving. We have enough light to see in front of us in order to keep moving but not too much more. We don’t know how certain decisions are going to turn out; we don’t know what kinds of challenges are on the road ahead; we wonder how long trials are going to last. Instead, darkness surrounds most of life’s path.

How we often long for an aerial view of our life. When is the next curve coming up? I’d like to see it and anticipate it in advance. But if that happened would I operate in trust? Would I have to cling tightly to God for the next step, the next dip in the road? No, the fully lighted path is the life of independence and God is trying to nurture our dependence on Him.

Proverbs 8:20 says; “I walk in the way of righteousness, along the paths of justice.” As long as we have chosen the right road to begin with we can trust God regardless of how dark it seems at times. We shouldn’t mind the night driving; God’s headlights will never fail.