Finish Up

Wake Up Call

Do you have an unfinished project sitting around? Don’t we all! But how about one that goes back years and years? I know a guy who left a major project undone for 36 years: high school graduation. In his senior year, a friend stopped by shop class where he was working and said; “Hey I’m dropping out of school. You should too. Let’s go.” The two of them just walked out of the class and never returned to school.

You may think that is unbelievable but that’s exactly what happened. All these years my friend has wondered why he listened, why he was so stupid, why he didn’t go back. Strangely, another random event recently reversed things.

Frank was sitting reading in a library a few months ago and out of the clear blue sky a thought popped into his head. The thought said; “You should go up to the desk and ask about GED classes to finish high school.” Where did that come from he wondered, though he has since attributed it to God. So he went up to the librarian and asked.

Incredibly the whole plan came together as quickly as everything had fallen apart 36 years before. A class was starting right away; the location and times were perfect; there was room for him and he qualified for an accelerated learning path. He took the course and passed all the sample tests with flying colors.

Now he is waiting for his date to take the final tests. It’s going to feel really good after all this time to add his graduation to his resume. He’s considering a next step; maybe a college course or two. It’s not too late to pursue a career change.

I wonder if it is even more satisfying accomplishing a goal that had such a delay in coming. Do you have something left hanging out there in your life that seems too old to complete? Go ahead; you can do it. Finish up!