Virus Protection

Wake Up Call

business-officeHave you ever had a virus invade your computer? I’ve had a few and I’ve seen the devastating results in business of some major ones. Once I remember our whole company being shut down for twenty four hours while the IT staff scrambled to clean up a very bad mess caused by a virus introduced through email.

The thing about a computer virus is that you don’t always know about it right away. Some are timed and some effect changes slowly. A virus sneaks in and does its damage unawares but you eventually end up with a system that is barely functional.

There are little sins that slip into our life the same way. We don’t even notice. An attitude sneaks in; a small word of gossip escapes from our lips; our eyes hover over that unwholesome material or we fudge those figures just this once. We don’t notice any change right away but over time our soul is taking a battering.

Spiritually, we can end up barely functional. We need sin-virus protection! We need to take nothing for granted. One tiny access can eventually shut us down. Close scrutiny is the answer. The old fashioned examination of conscious performed every day will keep us clean.

We each need to take a few minutes every day and ask God if any sin has slipped into our life and then quickly repent of it if one comes to mind. Now that’s a fool proof virus protection!